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One of the many benefits of living in this beautiful city is that we have plenty of amazing places to walk our creatures.  Grasses usually feature in these areas and in Cape Town alone there are a wide variety of grass types…

But how do grasses cause problems in our pets?

Once grasses have flowered they produce seeds which are disseminated.  These seeds are the trouble makers!

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These seeds can sneak into ears and eyes and will make these sore until they are removed. If your pet spends time running through the beautiful grassy areas of Cape Town and has one of the following symptoms:

  • a smelly ear,

  • a weepy eye or

  • keeps sneezing,

it would be worthwhile to pop in and see Dr Duncan in order to make sure they don’t have a hidden grass seed.


The worst offenders are the seeds which look like small darts with a very sharp point and a long tail. These prick your pet’s skin which may cause a small swelling. If they are not removed immediately, these seeds can start to move around under the skin and some will travel long distances under the skin creating problems in very unexpected areas.


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