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Fa fa fa fleas!

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Fleas are the most common and frustrating pests on our pets.  Let’s start with a little bit of information on the creepy critter itself…


The entire life cycle takes about 15 days but the pupae can remain dormant for well over a year if the conditions are not suitable!


The most common way of identifying the presence of fleas is by noticing the “flea dirt” on your pet (see picture below) or by seeing the actual fleas themselves.

fleadirt 275px-Scheme_flea_anatomy-en

The most commonly affected area are the hindquarters, so have a look there but if you are in any doubt, you can pop your pooch down to Hillside and one of us will gladly take a look.


So, Fido has fleas… it’s nothing to be ashamed of… and it’s pretty darn easy to treat too!  There are hundreds of products on the market but the most effective forms of flea control are exclusively sold at Veterinary Clinics.  Most of these products come in a “Spot-On”  form which means you drop a few droplets of the mixture onto the skin between the pet’s shoulder blades.  There are also tablet forms of treatment which are incredibly effective at killing the adult life stage of the flea and thus stopping the itching and irritation immediately.

Frequency of treament…?

Fido should be treated once a month for 3 consecutive months in order to kill all the different life stages (egg, larvae and pupae).

Fleas and your environment…

The female flea can lay up to 50 eggs in 1 day… and since the eggs are not sticky, they often fall off your pet and into the environment.  So it’s incredibly important to treat your environment too!

A combination treatment is most effective!



Another important fact to note is that fleas carry tapeworms…. Fido can easily become infected by simply licking the itch or grooming himself!  So deworming is also recommended regularly.


Thus a combination treatment is the best plan!

 frontlinepipetaplus-250x250 capstar drontal_xl_3flego-aerosal-500g

Flea Spot on + Flea tablet + deworming + Environmental flea control


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